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Port Map your USB HUB for Phonecheck
Port Map your USB HUB for Phonecheck

Guide on how to configure your USB HUB to Phonecheck on Desktop

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Port Mapping your USB HUB will be beneficial to easily identify which USB port your mobile devices are connected to.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please use an iPhone and OEM cable to port map the USB HUB, once port mapped you can switch to Android cable if desired.

(Not recommended to port map using an Android device)


  1. Select "Port Counter" icon

  2. Click "Launch Port Mapping"

  3. Select "Start Mapping"

  4. Take one iOS device connected to an OEM cable and begin to insert this USB cable into Port #1
    (When recognized properly the Port Counter will change from Red to Green)

  5. Take the same iOS device with the same lightning cable and connect it to the next available port until all USB ports are mapped on your USB HUB

  6. Select "Save Mapping" when complete

  7. Confirm "Yes" to restart Phonecheck to save changes
    (PhoneCheck will restart and open with all USB ports mapped)


  1. If the iPhone does not connect to iTunes or Vysor outside of Phonecheck then this is a connection issue outside of Phonecheck.

  2. If devices are still unrecognizable per Phonecheck software, and it's working for iTunes or Vysor contact Support for further troubleshooting
    (Keep TeamViewer ready).

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