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Install a Zebra printer for Phonecheck Windows
Install a Zebra printer for Phonecheck Windows

It's important to remember that the Zebra drivers are only compatible with a Windows PC.

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Installing a Zebra Printer requires the correct Drivers. The two most popular and commonly used Zebra Printer models:

  • Zebra GK420d

  • Zebra ZP450

There are two types of drivers needed to complete the Zebra Driver Installation. The steps are below:

  1. Select  "ZebraDesigner driver 32/64 bit. Certified for Windows." (Option 2)

  2. Go through Installation Wizard and ensure you select the GK420d model or ZP450 model correctly in the installation process when prompted. This is important as it will determine whether the correct model is installed

  3. The second driver is titled "Zebra Setup Utilities" and is found directly below the main driver you selected previously. This ensures the font, format, etc., and finishing touches are installed to complete the whole installation process.

  4. Proceed with the installation wizard accordingly and both icons will show up on the desktop when ready

Once each driver is installed, connect the Zebra to both the USB port in the PC as well as the main power outlet. The printer should automatically calibrate afterward and you should be good to go!

Printer Properties

  • Verify in "Printer Properties" (found in Devices and Printers) that the correct label size is configured and hit "Apply" once complete. 

  • Change the Printer name from Zebra ZP 450-200 dpi to Zebra.

Right-click on the Printer icon to view and open Printer Properties.

Rename Zebra ZP 450-200 dpi to Zebra. Click the OK button to save changes.

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