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ESN Status & Settings

What ESN status & settings mean in Phonecheck

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ESN Settings

  • Check ALL ESN: This will perform 3-4 carrier checks at once (3-4x times the cost or a single ESN check)
    (Verizon, T-Mobile, and Blacklisted - as Sprint is optional)

  • ESN+ Disabled: This will perform a Global "Blacklist" ESN check which will provide if the device has been reported lost or stolen only. (Recommended for non-US devices)

  • ESN+ Enabled: This will perform a "Finance" ESN check which will provide if the device is currently being "Financed" + "Blacklist". (Recommended for US devices)

(ESN+ check only applies to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as AT&T is optional)

(AT&T can check for Finance on iOS only if requested to be enabled - twice the cost of a normal ESN check)

Status Example Terms

  • Good - Good standing

  • Clean - Device Under Contract - Good standing for now; will go bad once payments stop being made

  • Bad - Blacklisted (Lost or Stolen)

  • Bad/OB - Financed (Outstanding Balance)

  • Bad/UB - Financed (Unpaid Bills)

  • Not Compatible - The device is no longer supported on that network

Definitions of Terms

  • Good - Clean for activation with the specified carrier

  • Bad - Blocked, Barred, or Blacklisted by the carrier

  • OB - Outstanding Balance on the account holder

  • UB - Unpaid Bills on the account holder

  • Device Under Contract - Payment Plan active on device. Often referred as an installment payment

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