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Apple Error - Unable to activate, Reconnect
Apple Error - Unable to activate, Reconnect

Devices connected doesn’t activate automatically with Auto PEO enabled

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There are 3 possible issues that can cause this issue 

  1. The device is iCloud Locked and can't be activated

  2. The Auto PEO toggle is turned off on desktop

  3. The computer isn't connected to the internet

  4. The device requires a manual activation

  5. Apple server in your region may be experiencing intermittent issues

Follow each step in the section below in order to find the root of the issue and resolve it.

Check Auto PEO toggle if it is turned off

  1. Navigate to the top of Phonecheck desktop 

  2. Enable the toggle for Auto PEO

  3. Reconnect the device and try again

The devices require manual activation

Note: Apple Care Replacement devices have a screen on Activation that requires the user to select a carrier to activate the device.

  • This screen can not be automatically skipped by any software.


  1. On the device select language, connect to wifi and proceed to the activation screen

  2. After the activation screen, select a carrier from the carrier list.

  3. Once the device is activated you can reconnect the device to skip the remaining setup screens and install App for diagnostic testing.

If you receive the message below from iTunes you will need to select a carrier from the device.

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