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How to Install Phonecheck on Mac
How to Install Phonecheck on Mac

How to install Phonecheck on macOS

Written by Adam
Updated over a week ago


  • Update macOS to Monterey (minimum)

  • Remove previous/other competitor's Apps/Drivers

  • Update iTunes Mobile Library if asked to Update

  • Remove third-party Anti-Virus programs and applications



  1. Open the Phonecheck Download (zip file)

  2. This will create a regular folder in your downloads, open that folder.

  3. Open the "bundles" folder

  4. Open the Phonecheck "dmg" file

  5. Drag and Drop the Phonecheck icon into the Applications folder

  6. If Phonecheck was already installed, you will need to select the "Replace" option

  7. Download and Install Java (Required)

  8. Download and Install Dymo (Optional)

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