Apple OEM Parts check

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are checked upon connection for iOS devices to determine if parts are genuine.

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Apple OEM Parts check is located on the device square

OEM Parts Status

  • Genuine - All parts are original in the device

    Note - In some cases, you may only have the current part available. When this happens we check our internal database to determine if the part is genuine

  • Not Genuine - If 1 or more parts are replaced and the current parts don't match the factory.

  • N/A - The device doesn't provide the part information or the part is unknown to our internal database as a genuine or an OEM part.

    Note - If the current or factory part is missing we show the part as “N/A” next to the specific part.

    Note - If any part is labeled as N/A the overall OEM status is labeled as N/A

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