Battery Drain Test & Setup

How to set up Battery Drain customization in the Cloud Portal and how to setup Battery Drain Criteria in the Desktop.

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30 Minute Drain Results

Anything below 5% would be a great battery

Anything between 5-10% would be a solid battery

Anything higher than 10-15% would be a bad battery

Cloud Instructions

Location: Cloud Portal → Customization → Test App Customization

  1. Sign in and open your Cloud Portal

  2. Navigate over to Customization → Test App Customization

  3. Once in Test App Customization, the user will land on “Create Test Plan” page which will give the user the ability to setup Battery Drain Duration via Percentage or Minutes as well as the ability to have Battery Drain test automated on initial connection or automated at the end, after the test results.

  4. Once set as the desired duration and/or set as an automated test, type in a Plan Name and then select the blue button labeled “Create Test Plan” to save.

  5. Once created, that profile will now be able able to be assigned to any station desired - this can be done in the tab labeled “Assign App Customization”

  6. Ensure you select “Enable” and then select “Update User/Master” to finalize the update.

  7. Ensure to restart Phonecheck for the station(s) that were updated in the Cloud.

Note: Battery Drain Duration Options

  • Minutes - Set the device to drain to a specific number of minutes

  • Percentage - Set the device to drain to a specific percentage

Work Instruction for Autostart Battery Drain on Connection

Example Setup:

  1. In Cloud set Duration to 10 mins by “Minutes”

  2. In Cloud set “Auto Start Battery On Connection”

  3. Save and assign to a station

  4. In Desktop set Battery Drain and fail criteria settings

  5. Set Battery Discharge to 6%

  6. Select Save and sync customization profile

Device Flow:

  1. The device is connected to the desktop

  2. The user installs the app

  3. The battery drain test automatically opens

  4. The user disconnects the device and battery drain is started

  5. When the device is complete the screen will flash

  6. The user connects the device to collect battery drain results

  7. The user can complete device testing on the app

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