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Phonecheck 2 - Android 2.0 Single Device Testing
Phonecheck 2 - Android 2.0 Single Device Testing

New testing flow has improved user interaction & provides an optimized flow for user to promptly and accurately diagnose Android devices.

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Test Changes in 2.0

When bulk processing on 2.0, pick up one Android at a time and perform all tests before moving on to the next device. It is recommended due to the rapidness of the automated tests.

  • Microphone & Speaker test run in the background: The user will not see test running unless a defect is detected or the Mic-Quality tests are enabled.

  • All Cameras fire one after another: The user will see all images on one screen and can pass all in one simultaneous swipe. Also, the user can tap to open each image for further inspection.

  • Glass Condition & LCD cosmetic answers updated: If the user wants to pass either test, select "Looks good" otherwise the user can fail the test by "Fail"


  1. Android device must be manually USB Debugged or the user must use NFC/QR skip step*.

  2. The user plugs the device into Phonecheck and allows the application to load.

  3. The user runs through one Device’s test flow at a time as seen in the default-diagnostic video below:

  4. Once the Test Results are reached, the user may set the device down to allow automation to take place and work on the next loaded Android.

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