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Battery health and fail criteria settings
Battery health and fail criteria settings
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The Battery health and fail criteria settings test the battery of iPhone and most modern samsung devices (starting with Galaxy S6). This reading is pulled directly from the phones internal Battery Health Percentage and Cycle Count. The phone will fail with a BH-A if battery health is at or below Reading 1, or it will fail BH-B if it is at or

below Reading 2.

Battery Criteria settings

You may navigate to this page by logging into your Phonecheck Desktop application and going to customization settings -> Battery Settings tab.

  1. Select Criteria - Select a criteria for your battery settings

  2. Edit - Edit criteria settings

  3. Delete - Delete criteria setting

  4. Create New Criteria - Create new criteria battery setting

Selecting "Create New Criteria" will bring up this page

  1. Criteria Name - Name of the criteria created

  2. Battery Health % of the device

  3. Battery Cycle Count of the device

  4. Difference of Design/Current Capacity of the battery

  5. Reading 1 to 4 - Inputting a number value into this field will mark the device as either BH-A, BH-B, BH-C or BH-D depending on which is selected if the criteria value is lower than or equal to the set value.

  1. Add - Selecting a device will add this to the selected Criteria field box. Devices in this box will have the selected criteria applied to them when battery is tested.

  2. Remove - Remove selected device from the right box to remove criteria

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