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What is Knox Void & what does it affect?

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What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox is a security protocol in Samsung devices which suggests the user doesn't Root or Flash Rom on the device.

  • Rooting: Flashing device with a custom OS.

  • Flash Rom: Deleting & reuploading a Firmware.

How to tell if Knox Void has been tripped

In order to confirm the viability of Knox, Download Mode must be enabled.

Steps to enable Download Mode:

1.) Power Off device.

2.) Hold (Volume Down + Home + Power) simultaneously.
Note: If the device has a Bixby Button: Hold (Volume Down + Bixby + Power)

3.) When the message: WARNING!! appears, Press (Power Up) to continue.

4.) After accepting the prompt, the Menu should appear.

5.) Review "Warranty Void" code to validate Knox status.

KNOX OFF (0x0)
KNOX ON (0x1)

KNOX OFF (0x0):

KNOX OFF (0x1)

How does a Voided Knox affect my device?

A device with a tripped Knox would disable the user from the following features:

  • Samsung Warranty

  • Samsung Accounts

  • Factory Reset Protection

  • NFC Pay

  • Knox Security (for applications & general device health)

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