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Email Reports

PhoneCheck offers provides you the option to send you Daily or Semi-Monthly automatic email reports.

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How to set up email reports?

  1. Go to the Cloud portal and click on the Emails dropdown menu & select Select Email Reports.

  2. At the top in the TO field, Input the Email address where you would like to receive the reports. CC Name(Enter your or project's name for reference)

  3. Under Select Days, you can choose the days you want to receive information from.

  4. Under Types, you can select your Format (XLSX, CSV).

  5. Under Select Columns, you can choose the information you want the reports to show. Ex: Vendor ID, IMEI, Serial,...

  6. Select 24 Hour or Semi-Monthly report.

  7. Toggle ON the Enable option.

  8. Choose the time of day when you would like this email report to be sent. Once this is done, simply click on the blue button that says Add.

  9. Please note, that you can add multiple recipients, however adding extra recipients will require you to follow the steps mentioned above for each addition.

How to request an email report right away?

Alternatively, if you require an email report right away you can use this option. If you have already setup email reports and would like to send the report to the same email address, simply click on Send Report Now.

If you have note set this up previously, please follow the steps mentioned above.

Email Log History

On the bottom part of the screen, you will find a log of every-time an email report was sent. It will say the email address where it was sent to, if the email was sent successfully or not and the name of the file.

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