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PhoneCheck Recommended URL Whitelist
PhoneCheck Recommended URL Whitelist

Recommended URL Whitelist and Ports.

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The following websites and ports are recommended for our PhoneCheck Team members and our Clients. The URLs and Ports listed should be free from all network restrictions allowing PhoneCheck to properly load, initialize, and fully process your Android and iOS devices.

Some of our recommendations are based on providing the best team support. Third-party sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Apple, Google, Intercom, and Amazon all play a vital role as necessary tools. We are not here to force these changes on you or your network, they are merely our recommendations.

Our Whitelist:


PhoneCheck Desktop App Ports:

TCP Port: 443 and 5200


TeamViewer Ports:

TCP/UDP Port 5938, TCP Port 443 and 80

TeamViewer port information referenced from:







Amazon Cloud Computing Services:


The AWS Management Pack uses the public APIs in the AWS SDK for .NET to retrieve information from these services over TCP/UDP Ports 80/443 and UDP Port 53.



(Apple's Mobile Asset Software Update service.)


(Device activation)

(Used by devices to set their date and time)

(Used by an MDM server to identify which software updates are available to devices that use managed software updates)

Common Ports:

TCP: Port 80/443/1900

UDP: Port 5350/5352

TCP/UDP: Port 123

Apple Server Connections and Common Ports were all referenced from:

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