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Export Phonecheck Log Files
Export Phonecheck Log Files

How to export log files to report a bug/issue

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When a bug/issue occurs with a device or desktop build, logs can easily be exported using the "Export Log Files" feature or exported via the Phonecheck folder. These logs should be shared with the Phonecheck Support team as this will provide our internal team with all the information necessary to review the issue in-depth without requiring access to the station.

Device Specific Issue

Step 1. Select the device with the bug/issue

Step 2. Access the "Device Operations Dropdown" and select "Export Log Files"

Step 3. This file can be found in your Downloads folder
(Share this file with the Phonecheck Support team)

Desktop Specific Issue

Step 1. Navigate to the Phonecheck Folder

For Mac: Finder → Library → Application Support → Phonecheck

For Windows: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\PhoneCheck

Step 2. Find and Export the Phonecheck log file
(Share this file with the Phonecheck Support team)

For Mac: mac1.0_phonecheck-YYYY-MM-DD.log (Log File)

For Windows: phonecheck-YYYY-MM-DD (Text Document)

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