What is True Tone & how to test

True Tone is enabled on LCD displays that provide an OEM reading

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Would you like to test the True Tone functionality in your iOS devices?

What is True Tone?

This is a feature that uses advanced sensors to automatically adjust the color and intensity of the display to complement the real-time ambient light which provides images with a more natural appearance.

If you turn off True Tone manually from the Settings or if the LCD is not original and doesn't match the serial number of the OEM part, the display will keep the color and intensity constant, regardless of changes in the ambient light.

How is it Tested if Phonecheck?

Within Phonecheck, this is a "User guided" aspect that is manually tested. It will ask the user to navigate outside of Phonecheck to confirm if True Tone is working.
This feature would not appear on the mobile app itself, rather as a Desktop command.

How do I enabled this feature?

This feature can be enabled from the Customization Profile either locally or in the cloud.

Toggle that will need to be enabled:
General > True Tone

The test will appear on the Desktop > Device Square for the iOS devices.

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