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Device History Report Access, Features and Deliverability

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Device History Reports - Access and Deliverability

Individual Device History Reports from the Cloud Portal

Device History Reports are available for master accounts in the Cloud Portal under the Cloud DB tab, in the A4Reports column. Select the DHR icon from individual device rows to generate the respective reports.

Bulk DHR Link Export

Download Device History Report links in bulk for any selected date range from the Cloud DB to deliver or integrate however you need to.

To do this, navigate to "Reports in CSV" -> "Custom Reports" and under Select Columns, select Device History Report from the dropdown menu.

Branded Label format with DHR QR Code

The DHR is now accessible via QR code on our new label format, in case you missed it!

Creating Reports via API Request

The Device History Report can also be created by using the Master API to generate the report. Please see the attached link to download the DHR API documentation.

Device History Report Features

  • Reports contain QR codes in the upper right corner with an option to print the link.

  • Report links are public-facing URLs that can also be shared for delivery.

  • Clicking the headline items automatically takes users to the detail sections of the report.

  • Automated Device History Report integrations for marketplaces such as Amazon Renewed, Back Market, eBay Refurbished and Swappa will be announced pending individual launches.

Build Customer Confidence with the Phonecheck Device History Report

Deliver trust and confidence with buyer-friendly Device History Reports, complete with QR code authentication and guaranteed device match via IMEI.

Register online to participate as a verified partner in our Certification Program, here.

Verified Partner Assets

  • The Verified Partner badge represents your verified status in selling Phonecheck Certified products.

  • To receive the exclusive verified partner badge, you must register online and complete a follow up with our Certification team.

  • Recipients will also receive a verified partner web page for authentication, including your brand logo, bio and a preferred backlink URL.

Marketplace / Web Store Listings: Add DHR snapshots and Certified logo overlay to Listings

  • Participants can log into the Certification Toolbox to access the Phonecheck Certified logo overlay for stock images and customizable Device History Snapshot tool for listings.

  • Toolbox Login: *master account username and password required for use.

Buy Smarter

Confirm device details like model, color, and complete component diagnostics including non-OEM parts detection.

Data Wipe

Adisa is certified for secure data erasure; confirms that all device data is completely and securely erased.

Backed by Phonecheck

Every eligible device tested with Phonecheck comes with a Phonecheck Buyback Guarantee which states:

Buyback Guarantee - No issues were reported by the global blacklist. If you find that this device has been reported as lost or stolen to the global blacklist and not included in this report, Phonecheck will buy this device back.

We guarantee the lost/ stolen status on every Phonecheck Device History Report is accurate and authentically reported by our trusted sources. If this timestamped data is found to have been inaccurate, we will buy back the device from the Phonecheck verified customer reporting the discrepancy.

Sell Faster and for More Money

Include your device history report when selling online or in-store, to sell faster and for more money.

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