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Apple iOS 16 Processing

The release of iOS 16 brings some new changes to how devices are processed.

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  • iOS 16 is now available for iPhone 8 and above.

  • iOS 16 devices will require Developer Mode to be enabled in order to properly access OEM Parts, Battery Health, and the ability to install and open the app automatically.

  • We made some updates to the desktop app to accommodate the changes required by Apple in order to be able to process iOS 16 devices.

System Requirements:

  • Mac - 1.3.656.22

  • Windows -

Please reach out to our Support team if you have not already updated your station to the builds mentioned above or newer. Any prior builds will not perform the boot into Developer Mode.

Device Processing

  • Apple introduced a new setting that requires the device to reboot after the initial data collection.

  • We have automated this process to reduce interaction with the device.

  • The device will automatically reboot once it reaches the "Preparing" state.

  • After the reboot, the device will automatically open the app on the device for the user to begin testing.


Important Requirement: If you are on Windows please ensure your iTunes is up to date.

Important Requirement: If you are on Mac please connect a device running iOS 16 to your Mac computer to prompt a software library update. (No programs should be open during this process)

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