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Branded Label With QR Code to Device History Report
Branded Label With QR Code to Device History Report

Phonecheck branded labels with QR Code to DHR are live

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Deliver Certification Seamlessly via QR Code With the New Phonecheck Branded Label

Branded Landscape 4x2 Label

Each New Device Label Ties to a Unique Certification Report That is Easily Accessed via QR Code.

How it Works

  1. As each device is processed by the Phonecheck desktop app, a unique Device History Report Link is generated and stored with each transaction in the cloud database.

  2. When the user prints, “Branded Landscape 4x2” or “Branded 4x2”, the label will contain a QR Code for each Device History Report link.

  3. When a code is scanned it will automatically redirect to the specific Device History Report associated with each device label.


  • Phonecheck desktop app - Windows 1.0

  • Phonecheck desktop app - Mac 2.0

  • For Dymo and Zebra label printers

  • Printable from desktop at any time. Print upon test completion / erase / disconnect.

Device History Report Features

  • Device Info - Make, Model, Model Number, GB, and Color

  • Blacklist status

  • Financial Eligibility for Major Carriers

  • Apple Warranty, Sim lock, iCloud, and carrier status

  • Apple Repair History

  • Battery Health for Apple & Samsung

  • Diagnostic Results from Phonecheck tests

  • Secure Erase certificate from Phonecheck.

Build More Confidence and Trust With Every Device,

Using the Branded Label with QR Code to DHR.

Branded 4x2 Label

For more info on the Device History Report, please contact:

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