Bulk IMEI Check 2.0

Automate Pre-checks on Multiple IMEIs With the Advanced Bulk IMEI Check 2

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Validate existing or incoming stock ahead of arrival to streamline inventory workflow and strategy.

A Simple Export of Thorough Data From the Most Accurate Sources


The new bulk checker brings numerous benefits to our customers:

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency, with expanded services like AT&T and Samsung/Google information.

  • Enhanced UX features include a more user-friendly interface, smoother workflow, and a convenient history of reports that can be easily accessed and rerun if needed.

  • Prevents problems in advance by verifying product condition prior to arrival, rather than after.

How it Works

  1. Imports multiple IMEIs at once for fast, automated device data processing ahead of diagnostics and erasure.

  2. API calls with 3 processing workflow settings:

    • Cost Effective - more accurate info for the least amount of licenses

    • Most Accurate - includes more premium features and all available info

    • Custom settings - only the info selected for your unique needs.

  3. Increased accuracy of checks from more reliable sources

    • Individual columns of parsed data

    • Reports on blacklist lost/stolen

    • Includes Apple blocked policy "Chimera" to report blocked/ locked devices that will not activate mobile services.


  • Requires master licenses depending on which workflow is selected

    • Cost Effective and Most Accurate setting licenses:

      • ESN

      • Carrier Lock

    • Custom setting licenses:

      • SIM Lock

      • iCloud

      • ESN

      • Carrier Lock.


  • Upload a spreadsheet with IMEIs or input comma-separated IMEIs

  • The system presents configuration run options

  • The system runs the IMEIs in a background task and returns to a homepage where pending tasks, history, and upload IMEIs are displayed in a table.

1. Log In

Log in to https://imei.phonecheck.com/login using your Phonecheck master account login.

2. Enter IMEIs

There are three simple ways to enter IMEIs using Bulk IMEI. You can choose to:

  1. Drag-and-drop: Just drag and drop a file containing IMEIs into the designated area.

  2. Manual entry: Click on "Click here to enter IMEI" to manually enter IMEIs one by one.

  3. Spreadsheet upload: Click on "Upload File" to start uploading a spreadsheet containing IMEIs.

    Note: IF the application detects a spreadsheet with MULTIPLE IMEIs was uploaded, the application will ask the user to confirm which column to process. Otherwise, the application will segue directly to the Bulk Uploader Settings page.

3. Select Processing Options

Select the desired processing options and click "begin processing".

  • Cost-Effective - Returns a basic report. Consumes one ESN check + one carrier lock.

  • Most Accurate - Returns the most comprehensive report available including a Device History Report. For each device, the system utilizes up to four ESN checks and one carrier lock. (Runs additional checks to confirm the device isn’t locked by an MVNO carrier.)

  • Custom - Returns a custom report based on selected settings

4. Monitor Bulk IMEI Progress or Start Another Bulk Check

  • After clicking “Begin Processing“, you’ll be segued back to the Bulk IMEI homepage. There, you can monitor the progress of your upload.

  • When your upload completes, a “Complete“ status will appear on the corresponding row. Click on “View“ to view the report.

5. View or Download Results

View your results online or select “Download Results“ to export in Excel.

Results Returned

Table Legend

  • History Report - Every device gets a history report URL

  • Batch - Batch ID for the IMEIs processed

  • Warranty Status - Warranty Status (Active or Expired)

  • IMEI - IMEI of the device

  • IMEI2 - IMEI2 of the device

  • Serial - Serial number of the device

  • Make - Manufacturer of the device (Samsung, Apple, Google, etc.)

  • Model - Model name for the device (Galaxy S23, iPhone XR, etc.)

  • Model Number - Model number (LL/A, SM-G960U, etc.)

  • Memory - Storage size of the device (64GB, 256GB, etc.)

  • Color - The color of the device

  • FMIP- Find my iPhone (iCloud Lock)

  • Carrier- Carrier we get from the API checks

  • SimLock - Apple status for sim lock (Lock or Unlocked)

  • Blacklist - Status of the blacklist

  • Verizon - Financial result

  • T-Mobile - Financial result

  • Country - Country of origin

  • Warranty - Warranty information

    For more info, contact your Account Manager or our Support Team with any queries or feedback.

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