How to download firmware files

Instructions on how to download Firmware files and how to copy them from one computer to another.

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Download Instructions

Customizations > Firmware

  1. At the top there is a search bar to type in the model of the device to narrow down your search.

  2. Scroll over to the right and click ‘Download’ once the status shows downloaded the file will begin to extract.

  3. When status shows ‘Completed’ the file is ready for Restoring.

Download All Latest Instructions

Customizations > Firmware

  1. At the top right click Download All

  2. On prompt select Latest signed only

  3. This will queue up the firmware files and download them one by one.

  4. Leave this screen open till all files show completed.

You can also type in the search bar the latest iOS version (ex. 12.4) to show and download all firmware files associated.

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