Device Square Interface

What do all the fields and statuses mean on the device square on the desktop program?

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A. Model # - Model Name - Storage Size - IMEI

  • Green = App Installed & device is ready for testing

  • Red = Trust issue & App is not installed

  • Blue = App is not loaded

B. Tabs

  • Device: Device Information

  • Results: Results from Testing

  • Fail: Manually Fail Defects

C. Serial - Carrier - Lock Status Symbol

D. Color - Grade - Unlock Status Field

E. OS Version - Sim Technology - Sim Inserted

F. Device Status Bar

  • FMI/FRP: iCloud Locked or Google Locked

  • MDM/Knox: Managed by an organization or Samsung Warranty Voided

  • Jailbreak/Root: Stock OS is Jailbroken or Rooted

  • OEM: Apple original parts detection

  • ESN: IMEI status Clean/Bad/Financed

G. Comments - SKU Code - Battery Health

H. Custom 1 - LPN

  • Custom fields for the user to enter and record in the cloud database

I. Quick Device Operations

  • TA: Trust Assistance Profile Push

  • E: Erase the device

  • R: Restore the device to latest iOS version

  • Power Off the device

  • P: Print Label

  • C: Select Cosmetics set in the desktop

  • The timer of Erase or Restore

J. Device Process Bar

  • Checking License

  • Getting Activation Status: Activating the device

  • Getting Device Information to show on the square

  • Performing PEO

  • Pushing Test plan and Customizations

  • Ready

K. Status of Items Pushed to the device

  • T: Test Plan - Green = Ready

  • I: iCloud API - Not required

  • P: PEO - Green = Setup on the device was skipped

  • W: WiFi - Green = WiFi Profile was pushed
    - Orange = Profile was successfully installed, however the device hasn't connected to a network yet.
    - Red = Profile not installed.

  • R: Routing - Not required

L. Touch ID or Face ID Test

  • Green = Pass

  • Red = Fail

  • Black = Requires Manually testing

M. App Results

  • Green = Pass

  • Red = Fail

  • Yellow = Tests Pending

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