Cloud Bulk Lookup

This lookup tool will allow the user to lookup multiple devices and get the latest device information for each IMEI or Serial

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  • You may lookup up to 10,000 IMEI, Serial, or LPN devices at one time.

  • Bulk Lookup only shows the latest entry from the Cloud DB.

  • Format IMEI as Numbers with scientific notation

  • File must be renamed.
    (File should not have the words "Bulk" or "Lookup" in file name)


Open "Bulk Lookup" under Cloud Lookups via the Cloud Portal

Download the "Bulk Lookup Template" file

Enter your IMEI or Serial Number or other identifier into the Bulk Lookup Template

When filling out an XLSX format sheet, the IMEI, Serial, or LPN must be placed into their respective columns for proper reading of fields.

IMEI column should be formatted to show the 15 digits for each (Format to Zip Code)

IMPORTANT: Ensure to rename the file when saving
(should not include the words bulk lookup)

When the file is saved and ready for upload, click "Select File"

Ensure to enable "Archive Search", then click the “Upload” button

If successful, Phonecheck will provide the data which can be printed or exported via (PDF, Excel, CSV)

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