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Units Per Hour Management

Set performance goals and view reports in real-time

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Our new UPH meter calculates the expected UPH output in real-time as you and your staff are processing devices.

UPU Meter is available for the following builds:

  • Latest Mac 1.3.330 & above

  • Latest Windows & above

How does it work?

  • The desktop UPH meter provides the operator with a gauge for how fast they are moving and how fast they are processing devices.

  • The UPH measurement is based on the devices the operator processed and then calculates the speed the operator is on track to achieve.

  • This provides the trending rate if they were to keep processing at the current rate of speed for the current hour.

  • If the operator keeps processing at the same speed they can expect the same UPH output shown on the UPH meter.

  • The UPH meter reading will keep changing depending on the number of devices the user is processing.

  • The goal is to push the operator to keep the UPH meter maxed out at all times

Minimum & Target UPH Setup

Open the Cloud Portal > User Activity Report > Units Per Hour

  • Set the Target UPH - The goal all operators should hit per hour

  • Set the Minimum UPH - The minimum units required per hour

  • Click the "Update" button

Note: This setting will adjust the color and level of the meter on the desktop

  • Orange = Minimum

  • Green = hitting the Target UPH

Units Per Hour Report

Open the Cloud Portal > User Activity Report > Units Per Hour

  • Select Range to view by "Hourly, Weekly, or Monthly"

  • The user can select between "User Level Report" by station or "Tester Level Report" by Tester Name

  • Orange = Below Minimum

  • Dark Green = Above Minimum

  • Light Green = Above Target

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