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Recommended Hardware Specs and Equipment
Recommended Hardware Specs and Equipment

This article will outline all the recommended Hardware required to ensure Phonecheck is able to run optimally.

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macOS: Anything below macOS Big Sur is not supported
Windows OS: Anything below Windows 10 is not supported
iOS: Anything below iOS 9.3.5 is not supported

Android: Anything below Android 5.0 is not supported

USB Hubs


Recommended for basic use with low-power consumption devices

Not recommended for USB-C devices or iPads


Recommended for higher volume processing with higher power consumption devices

Recommended for USB-C devices and/or iPads

Restore HUB
Recommended for high-volume Restoring on Mac


DYMO 550 is not supported at this time

Note: Mac Supports Dymo and Brother printers for clear label printing; Zebra can be used with CUPS on Mac; however, it will result in blurry/pixelated labels.


NFC Card

Apple Watch iBUS Tool



OEM Cables

Note: Genuine OEM cables are required for iOS and Android



Wi-Fi Router

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