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Importing of a CSV file with IMEIs Leading Zeros
Importing of a CSV file with IMEIs Leading Zeros

This article will give the user step by step instructions on how to import a CSV file while keeping the leading zeros intact.

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Step 1. Click on 'Reports in CSV', select the date range for the report. Click 'Download'

Step 2. Open a NEW blank Excel Spreadsheet.

Step 3. Select 'Data', then on the left, select 'From Text'.

Step 4. Navigate to your Downloads folder and locate your downloaded CSV file.

Step 5. An Import Wizard will appear. Ensure that 'Delimited' is checked. Click <Next>.

Step 6. Deselect the Tab Delimiter and select the Comma delimiter. Click <Next>

Step 7. While holding down <SHIFT>, select the 'Serial' through to 'MEID' fields. Then click 'TEXT' for the Column data format. Click <NEXT>.

Step 8. Click 'OK' to confirm the import location into your new sheet.

Step 8. After data load, ensure that you are on A1. Open the 'Filter/Sort' tab and select Filter.

Step 9. Select the 'A1' filter, filter by 'Begins With' and enter a comma ',' in the corresponding box.

Step 10. The spreadsheet will now have all of the IMEIs listed with the leading 0 intact.

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