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Phonecheck 2.0 - Apple iOS Production Processing
Phonecheck 2.0 - Apple iOS Production Processing

New testing flow has improved user interaction & provides an optimized flow for user to promptly and accurately diagnose Apple devices.

Updated over a week ago

Test Changes in 2.0

When bulk processing on 2.0, pick up one Apple at a time and perform all tests before moving on to the next device. It is recommended due to the rapidness of the automated tests.

  • Microphone & Speaker test run in the background: The user will not see the test running unless a defect is detected or the Mic-Quality tests are enabled.

  • All Cameras fire one after another: The user will see all images on one screen and can pass all in one simultaneous swipe. Also, the user can tap to open each image for further inspection.

  • Glass Condition & LCD cosmetic answers updated: If the user wants to pass either test, select "Looks good" otherwise the user can fail the test by "Fail"

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