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Setup iOS Devices to Connect to WiFi Automatically
Setup iOS Devices to Connect to WiFi Automatically

In this article, we will cover how to connect iOS devices to WiFi from Phonecheck automatically. WiFi is required to open the Phonecheck app

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  • Select "Customization" in the Desktop application

To have WiFi pushed onto devices with Phonecheck, we must first set up your WiFi Configurations settings.

This setting can be found by navigating the left side panel in Phonecheck and selecting Customization.

  • Enter WiFi Name and Password

Next, select the WiFi Configuration tab, you will need to input your WiFi Network Name and Password

Both name and credentials are case sensitive so please ensure that Capitals, Spaces, and other additional numbers or letters are input precisely.

Great! Now that you have finished inputting your WiFi credentials, ensure to select "Create Profile" to save your WIFI configuration.


  1. iOS devices will automatically connect to the WiFi profile ONLY IF the iOS device is on the HELLO/ACTIVATION screen

  2. iOS devices will NOT automatically connect to the WIFI profile IF the iOS device is on the HOME screen

  3. Android devices will not connect to WiFi automatically. (Not Required or Needed)

  4. If WIFI did not connect automatically, the WIFI can be pushed manually to be installed. (See Image)

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