Install WiFi on Home Screen

WiFi is required in order to open the Phonecheck application. WiFi is pushed differently when the device is on the "Home Screen".

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Step 1 - Ensure your WIFI SSID and Password is entered correctly within:

Windows Build- Customizations -> WIFI Configuration (Case Sensitive)

Mac Build- Cloud Customizations->WIFI Configuration (Case Sensitive)

Step 2 - When connecting an iOS device on 'Home Screen' you will be prompted with a pop-up letting you know a profile has been downloaded to your device (Image Below), now you need to install this profile. For now 'Close' this pop-up.

Step 3 - If you notice this popup on your device, then head to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. Then, tap on the ‘Profile Downloaded’ option.

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Step 4 - Once you enter the 'Profile Downloaded' menu, you should see a WIFI profile waiting to be installed. Select the WIFI profile and continue to Install. Once installed WIFI should connect to your iOS device automatically.

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