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Tester or Sub-Master Login for the Cloud Portal or Station
Tester or Sub-Master Login for the Cloud Portal or Station

Give your operators a Tester or Sub-Master logins to use at any station or provide access to the cloud portal

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Permission & Role Assignment

  • Read Only: can view only, and can't change any setting or assignment in the cloud portal.

  • Read/Write: can view, edit, and change settings in the cloud portal.

  • Sub-master: Access to all sections in the cloud portal and the ability to create Tester Logins.

  • Tester: Access to all sections except the customization section in the cloud portal

Note: Both Sub-master & Tester have the ability to log in as a tester on Phonecheck Desktop

Instructions to Create

Go to Cloud Portal > Customization > Tester Logins

  1. Fill in the Testers Name (Person's Name)

  2. Tester Username (Login Credential)

  3. Tester Email (Email for Intercom Support Chat)

  4. Password

  5. Select Role: Sub-master or Tester

  6. Select Warehouse, "All Warehouse" has access to see all warehouses on the cloud portal. Selecting a specific warehouse will only allow the login to see that warehouse and its specific settings.

  7. Select Permission: Read Only or Read/Write

  8. Click Add Tester

  9. Type your password used to login to the cloud portal (Master Password)

  10. Tester login is successfully created

Using Tester or Sub-Master login on the Cloud Portal

In order to login to the Cloud portal with Sub-master or tester login, the user must use the following "Username" format: "testerlogin@MasterUsername"

i.e. If Master username is "Phonecheck" and my tester login is tester123

Tester options: Edit, Disable or Delete

Go to Cloud Portal > Customization > Tester Logins

  1. Below you will have a table of all Tester logins created under your Master

  2. Toggle Status to “Disabled” if you would like to suspend tester login access or “Enabled” to allow access to cloud or desktop

  3. Under Actions click “Edit” to update Tester Name, Username, Password, or Tester Role

  4. Under Actions click “Delete” to remove tester login completely

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