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Cleaning your Dymo Printer Sensors
Cleaning your Dymo Printer Sensors

How to guide provided by Dymo support to clean the printer sensors.

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In order to clean your LabelWriter 450 printer and printer's sensors, please follow the guide below.

Note: It is recommended by Dymo to do this every 6 Months

1. Familiarize yourself with the photos attached which show the location of all the components you will need to interact with.
2. Unplug the printer from the computer (the USB connection) while leaving the power cord attached.
3. Pull up the lid and remove the labels.
4. Take off the front cover from the printer, be gentle while doing this.
5. When the front cover is off, moisten both sides of a business card with pure alcohol. Please notice that the business card should be rigid to be properly transported by the roller. Do not soak it too much.
6. Insert the business card under the entry sensor (ENTRY sensor photo). Run this card through the machine up to 10 times. If the machine is dirty, you will see the dirt transfer to the card. Repeat until clean, using another if necessary.
7. Locate the sensor as shown in the picture “EXIT sensor”.
8. Using a dry cotton bud, clean the black chips carefully but thoroughly.
9. When done, place the front cover back on the printer.
10. Make sure that the front cover is firmly attached on all sides. There are 4 connectors that need to click when you put on the front cover: 2 hooks at the bottom and 2 notches at the top of the front cover. You should hear a small click when you have attached the front back on and it’s secure.
11. Reconnect the printer to the computer and try to print a label.

Example video of how to clean with a cleaning card.

Example of a printer that needs cleaning:

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