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Create Warehouses on the Cloud Portal
Create Warehouses on the Cloud Portal

Creating warehouses allows for better reporting of multiple locations or departments for devices processed

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Create Warehouse Instructions

Location: Cloud Portal > Customization > Create Warehouse

  1. Give the Warehouse a Name

  2. Leave the Customization Profile set to Default for now

  3. Select the Time zone and click Create Warehouse


  • You can use the create warehouse as a different location in another timezone or as a department in the same location.

  • It is important to make sure the timezone is set properly for each warehouse for data to be timestamped accordingly if you have different locations in another timezone.

Assign the user stations to a Warehouse

Location: Cloud Portal > Customization > Create Warehouse > “Tab” Assign Warehouse

  1. Each username will be displayed on this screen

  2. Select Warehouse from the dropdown

  3. Click Update User to assign the user station to the new Warehouse

  4. Close and log back into your desktop stations for the warehousing to be updated


  • You can use the Select Warehouse Company Wide option above to update all users under Master to the same warehouse. 

  • However, it isn't recommended to do this unless the majority of stations would be under a single warehouse.

Assign Desktop Customization Profile to a Specific Warehouse

Location: Cloud Portal > Customization > Assign Customizations

  1. Go to each station assigned to a Specific warehouse and sync a new customization profile to the cloud for each warehouse.

  2. Next, go to Assign Customizations in the cloud and filter to the specific warehouse by selecting "Select Warehouse" in the top right

  3. You will now see the new profile only in that warehouse.

  4. Open the "Assign Customization Profiles" tab and you will only see the stations assigned to that specific warehouse.

  5. Next, you can assign the new profile to each station separately or select the Company Wide Customization option to update the specific warehouse in view.

  6. Make sure to enable the toggle green and select the Update User/Master button to finish the assignment.


  • Once a user station is assigned to a warehouse any customization profile created from the station resides within the specified warehouse. This means that previous customization profiles can't really be used when changing the "Select Warehouse" view to filter a specific warehouse.

  • As a workaround, you can select "All" Warehouses in view to see all previous customizations, then go to that station and sync a new profile for your warehouse assignment.

View Warehouses separately in the Cloud Portal

Location: Cloud Portal > “Top right” Select Warehouse

  1. Warehouse in view can be changed at any time from any page within the Cloud portal

  2. Select Warehouse and choose the warehouse 

  3. This automatically updates any screen currently in view


  • By default “All” warehouses are shown and the view can be changed at any time

  • Cloud DB, User Activity Reports, Assign Customization Profiles are some of the pages that filter the view for users in the specific warehouse selected.

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