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Check Apple Carrier + Sim Lock Status
Check Apple Carrier + Sim Lock Status

Apple Carrier + Sim Lock automatically detects if an iPhone is locked or unlocked and will provide the Locked Carrier

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Note: Sim Lock license is required for Sim Lock Only, and a Carrier Lock License is required for the Apple Carrier + Sim Lock. Reach out to your Sales Rep for pricing.


Having the Apple Carrier + Sim Lock Status feature enabled will provide the carrier that the device is locked to.

Note: Having only Simlock licenses will provide an Unlock and Lock status and not the carrier.

Carrier + Sim Lock Settings

Open Phonecheck Desktop → Customization settings → General

  1. Enable "Auto Perform Apple Sim Lock Check" to check the devices with an initial carrier to only get the Sim Lock status.

  2. Enable "Auto Perform Apple Carrier + Sim lock check on Blank Carrier" to check the devices without an initial carrier (Blank) to get the Locked carrier and Sim Lock status.

  3. Optional: Enable "Update Unlocked Carrier field" if the Sim lock status is Unlocked it will automatically update the carrier field as "Unlocked"

  4. When complete close customizations and sync a desktop profile to all your stations.

Note: If you only want to check the Sim Lock status for all Apple devices (Initial or blank carrier) disable option 2 above.

How it works

When you connect a device the status for Sim Lock will be shown on the device square as you see in the picture below.

The Sim Lock status is updated under a few fields in the Cloud DB

  • Unlock Status = "UNLK" or "LK"

  • Sim Lock Response = response from the Sim Lock API

  • CarrierLock Response = response from the Carrier + Sim Lock API

  • Carrier = can be updated by Carrier + Sim Lock API with the locked carrier

  • (i.e. AT&T Locked)

Additional Customization option

 Open Phonecheck Desktop → Customization settings

  1. Enable the setting under General Page → “Show Initial carrier & Lock Status”

  2. When you connect a device the Status for Sim Lock will be shown on the device square.

  3. The Carrier field will be updated with the Lock status next to the initial Carrier  

Note: This is not recommended for Apple Carrier + Sim Lock API. Only use with the "Auto Perform Apple Sim Lock Check"

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