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Adjusting the DYMO print quality
Adjusting the DYMO print quality

Adjusting the Print Quality You can change the print quality setting that is used when printing labels to your LabelWriter printer.

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To choose the print quality

1 - Do one of the following: Open DYMO Label Software

  • For Windows, choose Preferences from the Edit menu.

  • For Mac, choose Preferences from the DYMO Label menu.

2 - Select the LabelWriter printer tab.

3 - Under Print quality, select one of the following settings:

  • Text - to use the default print setting used for most labels.

  • Barcode and graphics - to optimize print quality for barcodes and graphics.

  • Auto - to automatically determine the print quality based on the label contents.

4 - Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box and apply your changes.

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