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Phonecheck Consumer App Documentation
Phonecheck Consumer App Documentation

The consumer app allows consumers to test devices for functionality and provides those results to your Cloud without the device physically

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Flow Summary

  1. Master creates a consumer app profile

  2. Master creates a login code from Cloud OR API

  3. End User downloads the app onto the device from the App Store

  4. API authenticates login code

  5. End User completes IMEI routine

  6. API call sends initial device information

  7. The end user continues the remaining tests

  8. After completion of the tests, API updates the device information

  9. Master reviews record of the transaction from Consumer DB View

Master Interaction

  • The master will configure the test plan and IMEI Routine and save the profile

  • Phonecheck will automatically generate a station UserID as the profile for the master to send in the GET API request for the login code

  • The master will make an API request to get the login token for master authentication.

Consumer User Experience for App Install Process

  • The user will get a QR code to download the App from the App Store

  • The user will get a login code to log into the app

  • The user will test the device

  • The device data will be sent to the cloud

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