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Mobile App Tests not matching your Test Plan?
Mobile App Tests not matching your Test Plan?

Mobile Test App - Not showing correct test. What to do when the Test App isn't providing the desired Test points?

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If a user is facing an issue with Tests not showing or extra tests:

1 - Check the test plan assigned to the station.

2 - Check Packages in the cloud to see if there are any created.

3 - Confirm if the Device Square states it has loaded the app (T : Device Square)

4 - Uninstall application from device Then Reconnect the device and wait for the Device Square to be green and say READY before opening app again.


  • Confirm which stations are affected

  • Ensure the desired Test Plans are assigned.

  • Ensure the stations are up to the latest builds for optimal server communication.

  • Confirm if there is an active & stable internet connection to the computer.

  • Confirm if user can sign out & back into the program successfully (w/o login issue).

  • Check if the TEST LIST is synced for both iOS & Android. (Image Attached)

If the prior steps have been successfully verified & issue persists- the program must be investigated.

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