Mobile Test Plan Management

How to enable tests within the Mobile app installed on Android & iOS

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Test Plan Management

On the Cloud Portal, you may assign or create a new test plan for your testing. This will give the user the ability to customize the tests that can be performed in the Phonecheck test suite on iOS & Android devices.

You will find three tab options on this page

  1. View Plans - View, copy or edit existing test plans available.

  2. Create Test List Plan - Create a new test plan with default plans pre-selected

  3. Assign Test Plan to User UnderMasters - Assign available test plans to each or all stations.

In the "View Plans" tab, you can find these options with each test plan available.

  1. Copy - This will copy/clone an existing test plan which then may be modified and named a different title.

  2. Edit - Ability to edit an existing test plan

  3. Delete - This will delete an existing test plan

In the "Create Test List Plan" tab, you may create a new test plan

All default tests will be pre-selected by default and at this time only the "Call Tests" can be removed. If you need to remove any other default tests please contact support.

To get started in creating a test plan

  • Input a test plan name

  • test plan type for either Android or iOS devices.

  • There is also a check box to select if you wish to create this for both Android and iOS.

  • Once set, hit "Create Test Plan".

In the "Assign Test Plan to User UnderMasters" tab, you may assign a test plan

Once you have selected your test plan, you may hit "Update Master to push this test plan to all stations or "Update User" to update the selected test plan just for that specified station.

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