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Customization Packages
Customization Packages

Understanding & Creating Packages

Updated over a week ago

Customization Packages allow a company to switch between logistics on a station with the click of a dropdown, the Package includes:

How to create a Package:

Head over to the Cloud > Customization > Customization Package

Fill out the criteria in the following order:

Step 1: Select Customization Profile

Step 2: Select iOS Test Plan:

Step 3: Select Android Test Plan:

Step 4: Admin Test App Customization:

Step 5: App Customization Profile:

Step 6: Name Package:

Step 7: Create the Package!

How to switch between Customization Packages:

  1. Open Phonecheck Desktop & locate Customization Package Dropdown Menu:

2. Select the desired Customization Package.

3. After Phonecheck resets, the station is ready for use!

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