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TeamViewer - Phonecheck Contact List
TeamViewer - Phonecheck Contact List

TeamViewer access can be added to our list of Contacts for easy remote control access

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  • (Requirement) - Download and install TeamViewer via the link:

  • The download will begin as soon as the link is selected

  • A version of Phonecheck-supported TeamViewer will automatically download

  • Open the download to automatically install TeamViewer

    (Ensure the TeamViewer version looks like the image below)

  • Once the Phonecheck-supported version of TeamViewer is installed. Provide your Phonecheck representative with your TeamViewer ID and Password and the Station ID that is associated with that computer (Phonecheck Username)

  • Moving Forward when you have an issue on a specific station; you just have to ensure the TeamViewer application is open on the computer and let our Support team know what Station ID or TeamViewer ID you would like for us to access.

  • We can access your station via our contact list

    Simply "Allow" the prompt on your end to allow us access.

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