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How to Transfer Licenses from one station to Another
How to Transfer Licenses from one station to Another

This is a guide on how to transfer and share Licenses among stations.

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Transferring Licenses from stations is an easy process. In order to be successful when when setting up, it’s best to (1) keep organized and (2) follow step by step.

In this SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) we will cover the steps on how to correctly transfer licenses in between stations using the Cloud Portal. 


  1. Cloud Portal URL Link:

  2. Client Cloud Username and Password


  1. Open a web browser and use the link provided above to open Phonecheck Cloud Portal

  2. Login into the Cloud using your Cloud Portal credentials

  3. Navigate the left side panel and select Company License Details

  4. Select License Management

  5. Check the box under "Transfer ALL" column of the desired "Station ID" username to transfer from

  6. Under the "Transfer To" column, select which username you would like to transfer to

  7. Enter the amount you wish to transfer under the "Transfer Amount" column for each license type

  8. Once the desired amount is entered, select "Complete Transfer"

  9. You will notice a dropdown window with a summary of your successful or non-successful transfer

  10. Done!


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