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Central Transaction use-case and settings
Central Transaction use-case and settings

What is central transaction, use-case, and settings?

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What is Central Transaction

The point of central transaction is to download the previous device data synced to the cloud DB when the device is connected to another station.

i.e. Central Transaction allows the USER to process devices on one station and reconnect to a different station, pulling the last results for that device.

How does Central Transaction work

Enable Central Transaction on the second station or last station in your process.

i.e. If a user connects an iPhone 6S into Station 1, runs the diagnostic then takes the same iPhone 6S and connects it into Station 2, the data from Station 1 will show on Station 2.

The following data is pulled from the cloud to the station with central transaction enabled:

  • App Results

  • Carrier/Network Checks

  • FMI/FRP, MDM/Knox, Jailbreak/Root & ESN

  • Comments, LPN, Custom1

Note: All data is copied from the Cloud DB to the station with Central Transaction enabled.

How to configure what fields are copied when using Central Transaction


If the user only wants to copy some of the previous fields, the user may select what fields to exclude from being copied to the computer with Central Transaction enabled.

  • Head over to CLOUD and select CUSTOMIZATION

  • Once CUSTOMIZATIONS' dropdown menu appears, select CENTRAL TRANSACTION SETTINGS

  • Toggle the Manage Trigger Columns to the On position

  • Once enabled, drag, and drop the fields to be excluded to the column on the right side

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