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Dymo clean reinstall
Dymo clean reinstall

How to completely uninstall and reinstall Dymo software on Mac OS

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Instructions provided by Dymo

  1. Open System Preferences from the desktop dock and select Printers and Scanners. If DYMO printer is listed here, please highlight and delete printer. Disconnect the LabelWriter from your computer.

  2. On your Desktop, select Go and then select Applications folder. From inside this folder, delete the DYMO application.

  3. Navigate to your Macintosh HD. From inside Macintosh HD, you will need to double click on the Library folder, and then double click on the Frameworks folder. Delete the DYMO folder.Click back into the Library folder and then double click on the Printers folder. Delete the DYMO folder.

  4. Empty your trash and restart your computer. KEEP THE LABELWRITER DISCONNECTED

  5. After your computer restarts, you must temporarily change your privacy settings before installing software: Click on System Preferences from your desktop dock and then select Privacy and Security. Under the General tab, you will need to make sure that your computer is set to allow apps downloaded from anywhere.

  6. Once you've changed your privacy settings, Install the appropriate version of Dymo Label Software for your OS X.The software can be found under the Support tab on the Dymo website:*DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM CD INCLUDED WITH YOUR LABELWRITER**

  7. After the software has completely installed, you can reconnect your LabelWriter. Do not connect to a USB hub, but instead a USB port directly in your computer.Your LabelWriter should appear under Printers & Scanners (Print & Fax). Make sure that the printer is showing up here, and has a green status that says "idle". Once that has been verified. You should now be able to launch the software from Applications and successfully print.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS v10.9 and later (Intel Only)

For Mac OSx 10.9 and earlier, please see this link: for the download.

DYMO Label v.8 requires that you have Mac OS "Administrator" level permissions to install a printer. You MUST be able to modify files in the System folder to install and configure a LabelWriter printer.

Do not connect the USB cable to your computer until instructed to do so during the software installation. If you have a label printer already installed, disconnect the USB cable from your computer before running the installer and reconnect the cable when instructed to do so.

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