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Phonecheck Erasure & Certification
Phonecheck Erasure & Certification

How erase works on Phonecheck?

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Desktop 1.0 - Android Erasure

High Level (3 Times) - DoD 5220.22-M - Overwrite the data with a value, then with the inverse of that value, then with a random value, verifying the write after each step. The first two wipes theoretically pull the magnetic field fully in one direction, then fully in the other, eliminating any residue of the original value. Data is overwritten in 1st pass with 0's, 2nd pass with 1's, and last pass with random segments

Medium Level (2 Times) - Writes ones and verifies the write

Low Level (1 Time) - Writes zeros and verifies the write

Factory Reset Only - This option isn't a forensic-approved form of certification and may allow data to be left in certain areas of the device as a result.

On Android devices, the device will be factory reset & reformatted, (also NIST-800-88, NAID & R2 standard-certified). Reformatting affirms full data sanitization.

Desktop 1.0 - iOS Erasure

The defaulted Erasure for iOS is Secure Cryptographic Erase. The data on the device is encrypted by default and the decryption key is removed during the erasure process.

  • Once the device Secure Erase is completed we can regain the connection to the device and update the Erasure status

  • We also offer the ability to restore the device to the latest iOS firmware, clearing all user data as well.

  • This standard meets and exceeds the DOD standard and is the most secure method of erasure currently possible.

Erasure Certification Reports

PhoneCheck data erasure solution provides a full audit trail through Certifications of Erasure to help prove compliance with regulations such as the GPR. These tamper-proof reports are efficient in proving the necessary steps were taken to protect personal data.

Since we don't store personal customer data, we are only required to provide proof of a secure eraser for our Clients to be Compliant. All eraser certifications are available under the A4 Reports in the Cloud DB for each device processed on Eraser.

  1. Navigate to the left panel and select "Cloud Reporting System -> Cloud DB"

  2. Highlight and select the erase icon

Export Bulk Certificates

On the Cloud DB page, you may download bulk A4 and Erasure certificates. This would be located in the upper right corner of the page.

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