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What is the Phonecheck Sourcing Network?

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Sourcing Network?

PhoneCheck’s Sourcing Network is an extensive marketplace where we feature thousands of Certified smartphones and tablets, for sale from trusted dealers all over the world.

Buyers may acquire devices from trusted Sellers and ensure that every device has been Certified through PhoneCheck. This ensures they get consistent quality and better value in every purchase.
Sellers are able to promote their inventory on a specialized platform for wholesale and are able to manage their listings through a simple to use back end.


  • Where can I find this marketplace?

  • Do I need to use PhoneCheck to buy devices on this platform? No. Using our software is not a requirements to purchase devices from the sourcing network platform.

  • How can I find devices to buy? Go to, choose the make and model of the devices you are looking to purchase then click search.

  • How do I get in touch with a seller? When you submit an Availability Inquiry, the information you filled out is sent to the seller. They will reach out to you.

  • Are the sellers reputable? Yes, all of the sellers on the platform are clients who use our software to test devices and ensure the highest quality of products.

  • Can I also use PhoneCheck to test devices? Of course! Simply request a demo and we our team will reach out to you.

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