Manual Entry

How to create & perform a Manual Entry when a device can't be processed in Phonecheck.

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A manual entry can be utilized when a device is unable to be connected to Phonecheck, this will allow a manual entry for the device to be saved in the Cloud database.

Step 1: Locate Manual Entry in the Phonecheck Desktop.

Step 2: If you do not have criteria already defined, by default the following "Manual Entry" prompt will appear.

Select "Go To Customization"

Step 3: Select the Device Information fields that will appear for Manual Entry

"Manual Entry Fields" - will be for fields you wish to use and enter for Manual Entry

"Required Fields" - will always require the user to fill and enter in that field, in order to save the manual entry

"Fields to Save" - will always save the information entered in that field for the next manual entry

Step 4: Collect device information & enter in the appropriate fields.


Step 5: Print a Label or Check the Local/Cloud Database to see the result.

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