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What are Local Customizations and how are they used?

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Local Customizations are located in a tab within Phonecheck, here the user may adjust the settings for the specific computer.

These settings will NOT copy over to other computers as the Cloud Customizations do.

The settings the user can adjust locally include:

  • Printer selection

  • Label selection

  • Firmwares

  • ThunderSync Port-mapping

  • API Settings

  • Software Audio

  • Admin Password

Printer selection

Select the Printer hardware connected to the computer.

Label selection
Select the available Label for the Printer and customize the Label's toggles.

Download and Extract iOS Firmwares for Restores

ThunderSync Port mapping
If a ThunderSync Hub is associated with the Macintosh, you may enable it here

API Settings
Select the route for your API Calls

Software Audio
Select output for PhoneCheck Sounds.

Admin Password
Enter Admin PW to clear local resources and start a New Transaction upon Log In of Phonecheck.
This helps the computer clear previous/unused cache.

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