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iOS devices are not showing on Desktop
iOS devices are not showing on Desktop

How to troubleshoot windows not showing iOS devices in Phonecheck desktop

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There are 2 possible issues that can cause this issue

  1. iTunes is not running on the latest version and need to be updated

  2. Windows has a pending update and the computer needs to be updated

Follow each step in the section below in order to find the root of the issue and resolve it.

Check if iTunes is running on the latest version

  1. Close PhoneCheck and disconnect all devices.

  2. Open iTunes, click on  Help  > Check For Updates  

   3. If there is a newer version of iTunes available, a pop up will appear. Click Download iTunes. 

   4. After the new version of iTunes has downloaded, open PhoneCheck and connect your devices. They should start appearing now. 

Check Windows Updates are on the latest

If your computer is already on the latest version of iTunes, let’s check if there are any updates that are pending from Windows.

  1. Click on the Window’s icon on the bottom left part of your screen and then type Updates 

     2. Click on Check For Updates and Download and Install any updates that are missing.

     3. After the station has been updated, Windows will restart. After the restart, open PhoneCheck and connect your devices. 

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