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Phonecheck Support Chat
Phonecheck Support Chat

How to contact support by support chat powered by Intercom

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The support chat can be reached in a few different ways

  • By sending an email to

  • In the cloud portal and by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner

  • In the desktop and by clicking the chat icon on the left sidebar

  • Phonecheck companion app currently in beta on Android

How does it work?

When you reach out to Phonecheck support it reaches a team chat inbox. We automatically assign the email we have on file to send all conversation transcripts and the conversation notifications to this one central email address.

Set up your own account with a unique email to reach support

We recommend that floor leads or supervisors set up their own logins for support chat and the use of the cloud portal. This can be done by creating a sub-master login under our Tester login page within the cloud portal.

  1. Create a sub-master login with an email address they want to use

  2. Provide the login to your lead/supervisor

  3. They can sign in to the cloud portal with their login and reach the chat in the lower right corner

Support chat features

  1. Send us a new message to start a brand new conversation

  2. View and reply on a previous conversation

  3. Search our knowledge base for quick help guides and troubleshooting

  4. Check in to see the current status of all Phonecheck products & services

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