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USB Connection type for Android device not showing in Phonecheck
USB Connection type for Android device not showing in Phonecheck

How to troubleshoot Android device not showing? LG, Xiaomi, and other brands

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  • First, enable USB Debugging

  • If the device does not react to USB Debugging, try change Connection Type

To activate USB Connection type:

  1. Connect the device to cable to prompt connection type menu

  2. Pull down on Device Menu

  3. Select ANDROID SYSTEM - Tap for Other USB Options

  4. Select File Transfer

LG Devices

Note: Sometimes LG Phones will require a different connection type to properly be read by any computer.

Try these steps:

  1. The user must follow prior steps to pull up the USB CONNECTION TYPE dropdown menu.

  2. Once doing so, select the MIDI connection.

  3. You are now set to have the device appear on screen!

Xiaomi Devices

Note: The device box in red means the app is not getting installed on these devices. Xiaomi has restrictions for app installations from unknown sources or via ADB.

You must have the screen on the Home screen to see the install via USB popup. If you miss the popup then the app will not be installed.

Try these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the device

  2. Tab on Additional Settings

  3. Then Developer options

  4. Enable all options you see below

If still not working then try the following options:

  1. Sign in to MI Account

  2. Go to Settings on the device

  3. Tab on Additional Settings

  4. Then Developer options

  5. Near the bottom disable “Turn on MIUI Optimization”

  6. If still not working → Sign out from MI Account and create a new account and enable USB Debugging

Older or Budget Android Devices

Note: Some devices that are not mainstream brands may have difficulties connecting to the software, devices may have another USB DEBUGGING option which needs to be enabled.

On devices that are uncommonly referred to such as “Budget” Samsungs, LG, Motorola devices, there may be an extra step user must take to bypass an initial connection.

  • User must have a Sim Card inserted prior to allowing this permission via:
    Settings>Developer Options

Devices that are unable to connect with given instructions may require further ensuring a specific toggle is not on.

  • MONITOR APPS INSTALLED BY ADB must be disabled or app will not install & initialize.

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